Sign up for "Climate Fiction in a Flash" on Tuesday, March 15. Also, our friends at Grist are now accepting submissions for the 2nd annual Imagine 2200 climate fiction competition.
A community group advocates for thrifty, homespun climate solutions, drawing their inspiration from a renowned figure in American history.
On a beach at the edge of India, a migrant community dares to care for one another after society has failed them. Surviving drought, monsoon, and heat…
this morning a blue sky stitched with white patches makes me exhale with relief because I still remember Armageddon Day
We've got a new set of poetry, flash fiction, and short stories coming your way soon! Plus, we'll be holding a "flashy" new workshop in March.
Missed the launch party? We invite you to watch the recording.
Torn between a glimmering space metropolis and a cozy earth commune, a teenager ponders where and how to take her next steps towards adulthood.
In a future where technology has mostly replaced nature, a teenager must decide whether or not to continue the mysterious work that his clan has…
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