Flourishing requires imagination

If climate change means that we need to change a lot about our society in order to adapt and thrive, then we need imagination to envision new ways of doing things. But while climate fiction has emerged as a new genre, the stories within it lean dystopian.

We need more hopeful stories to awaken imagination and help inspire the next generation of climate solutions. 

That’s why members of the On Deck Climate Tech fellowship started the Flourish Fiction project. Inspired by a storytelling workshop led by Roope Mokka of Untitled, they saw an opportunity to bring together diverse writers with diverse knowledge of climate solutions to share hopeful visions for the future in the form of short stories. 

Although the project began within the fellowship with early stories written by Climate Tech fellows, the project now accepts submissions of short fiction stories and poetry from around the world, because we believe that everyone has a role to play in imagining and creating a better future. 

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Flourish Fiction
Flourish Fiction is on a mission to imagine and inspire new climate solutions using the power of storytelling.
Blake Atkerson
Writer, climate strategist, water policy expert, startup adventurer, and proud father. Passionate about creative possibility, indigenous wisdom, futurism, and climate action.
Nehali Anupriya
Nehali Anupriya works in international climate policy. She is interested in the opportunities of ocean based industries and nature based solutions in climate action and conservation, as well as sustainable development in small island states.
Ben Soltoff
Ben Soltoff is a freelance writer and climate tech consultant based in Boston, MA. He previously managed environmental innovation programs at Yale University, and he has coordinated climate-related initiatives at World Resources Institute.
Anya Lamb
Consulting product and marketing strategist for climate tech and other mission-driven startups. Previously at DroneDeploy, LinkedIn, Stanford.